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Business Policy

Director - 
Michelle Whittaker


Techniques on Behavior Management
Business Policy


School Day Kindergarten
Half Day Program 
Full Day Program


Child Health Form

Health Assessment

Registration Form


The Parent agrees to:
  1. Call by 8:30am if your child will not be attending.

  2. Call if you are planning to be late in picking up your child.  A Late fee may be charged (Please see Tuition Policy Agreement).

  3. Write a note and call if someone other than the parent will be dropping off and/or picking up your child.  Proper Identification will be needed at pick up time.

  4. Give a 2 week notice if you plan to stop bringing your child.  There is no refund if your child attends a partial month.

  5. Sign a parent permission slip prior to your child taking a field trip.

  6. Provide you child with a change of clothing on a daily basis.

  7. Sign the sign-in/sign-out sheet when dropping off and when picking up.  Please note the time at pick-up.

  8. Check child's cubby on a daily basis for newsletters, information sheets, notes home and child's projects.

  9. Note the Parent Boards in the entrance was as well as the classroom to check for information and upcoming events.

  10. Be responsible for updating any charges on the State Registration Form.

Operating Policies

  1. Both parent and supervisor will give each other a 2 week warning about vacations, termination, services or other changes.

  2. We will provide a nutritious snack for part time preschool and part time kindergarten classes.  All other programs are required to send a healthy snack (no chocolate) and a nutritious lunch.  We are "NUT PRODUCT FREE" - please read all the labels carefully!

  3. There will be no parking on Main Street, Dunbar Terrace or in neighboring driveways.  We have provided ample parking spaces as well as a turn-around or waiting area at the rear of the parking lot.

  4. Bad Check Policy:  A fee of $20 will be charged for each bad check.

  5. If your child is exhibiting any of the following at school, your child will need to be picked up immediately: Diarrhea, Vomiting or a temperature of 101 degrees or above.

  6. We do not dispense medicine unless it is arranged in advance with the Director.

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